SOFAR Network

Supporting Outstanding Female Academics and Researchers

The SOFAR Network launched on International Women’s Day 2020, with 30 founding from members across 15 institutions (academia and industry). We are a multi-disciplinary network of women from BSc students to senior academics/directors coming together to support women navigate:

  • Career trajectories
  • Work-life balance and flexible work environments
  • Re-entering academia/research following a break
  • Building confidence and resilience
  • Navigating promotion and positions of leadership

30 Founding Members

15 Institutions

Academia Patron:

Uta Frith

Uta is best known for her ground-breaking research on autism and dyslexia that has resulted in novel investigative approaches to how brains develop to acquire your unique cognitive abilities. She is an advocate for the advancement of women in science and has created opportunities to encourage women to network, share ideas and support each other. In true Me, Human spirit, she is passionate about science communication and public engagement and has presented documentaries, published a number of books and has over 34,000 Twitter followers.

Industry Patron:

Rachel Neaman

Rachel is a fellow of the Royal Society of Arts. She is a specialist in digital transformation with extensive senior leadership experience in government and industry. Rachel has many accomplishments of note – including becoming the Department of Health’s first Digital Leader was featured in Computer Weekly’s annual list of Most Influential Women in IT since 2016. She runs a consulting business and serves as non-executive director on multiple boards including DigitalHealth London.


    We’ll be extending our network membership in 2022!