Ice Cube

The ICEcube project is a naissance Me, Human initiative to transform school children into citizen scientists exploring their relationship with the natural world through experiential learning. Simultaneously we hope to empower children with the knowledge to influence both the future of research and conservation.

Professor Gilly Forrester and Dr Trudi Edginton give Soapbox Shorts at Norwich Science Festival 2021 focusing on the evolution of our brains and mental welling

The project will bring together a diverse range of UK and West African children, charities and experts, including research collaborators: Professor of Evolutionary Biology and BBC Presenter, Ben Garod and Clinical Psychologist, Dr. Trudi Edginton.

Professor Ben Garrod holds a infant orangutan doll as a participant in Professor Forrester and Dr Trudi Edginton’s studies on cradling biases, compassion and empathy at Me, Human’s Live Science 2019

West Africa is of particular interest because it represents both internationally significant biodiversity hotspots and significant ecological damage, in terms of wildlife population declines and habitat destruction.

Professor Gilly Forrester leads The Big Discussion panel on evolution, biodiversity, conservation and sustainability at London Science Museum with panellists Dame Uta Frith, Professor Ben Garrod and Tony King

The project aims to foster understanding and positive action towards ecological conservation and develop innovative methods to address the rise of eco-anxiety in young people.