Me, Human’s Psyched! has been developed as a fun and exciting vehicle to share science with the general public. There are lots of science activities for children and families, but there are few opportunities for adults to attend, interact and enjoy an evening of science that can be considered a ‘night out’ and compete with the likes of theatre, gigs, a cinema trip or a night out in the pub with friends. Psyched! allows for more adult content and aims to deliver a new form of science communication without media spin – Science from the Lab to You #SciFly. 

It offers a fusion of cabaret of cutting-edge science and audience participation. We premiered a 4 part series of Psyched! in Covent Garden in 2019-2020. It was playful, educational and very popular 😉

After a coronavirus break we were back in 2021 at Norwich Science Festival and will putting on two Psyched! shows at Bluedot 2022!

Psyched! Season 1 (2019-20)

Because our brains have an evolutionary history and we share much of that with other animals, sometimes our behavioural responses are not well adapted to the modern world. Psyched! Takes an in-depth look at how ancient brains cope in a modern world. We dip into the neuroscience, evolution, and development of our brains and behaviours – exploring what makes us the fascinating creatures that we are today, but also what ties us to other animals. 

You make me sick

How can the sound of someone being sick make you gag – yet a painting with gory wounds and severed limbs can appear beautiful?

Blah blah blah

Why did human language take millions of years to emerge, yet babies are born ‘language ready’?

My friend fancies you – 13 Feb 2020

What is the evolutionary origin of lust and what is its place in the modern world?

Let’s talk about sex

Slugs and snails and puppy dog’s tails – or sugar and spice and everything nice?


Professor Gillian Forrester

Gilly keeps company with gorillas and small children, studying how our minds and behaviour have evolved. Gilly is an evolutionary psychologist and will show how our ancient genetic code gets us into trouble in the modern world. 

Professor Catherine Loveday

Catherine is a neuropsychologist who studies memory and music. She knows why the music from our teenage years stays with us forever. She’s written a guide to the brain, appeared on radio many times, and once took the stage at festival to explain why house music makes you feel good.

Professor Natasha Kirkham

Natasha studies how children learn – especially in the hurly-burly of the world outside the classroom. She’s interested in the contribution of the different senses to learning, and is a perfect fit for the multisensory world of Psyched!

Dr Simon Green

Simon is a famously popular psychology lecturer with an interest in anxiety, fear and drugs (among many other things). He’ll bring alternative perspectives and share anecdotes on the strangeness of being human.

Psyched Squad

Psyched! also engages a range of early career scientists from BSc’s to Postdocs who make up the Psyched! Squad. These individuals assist audience members with the interactive portions of the show, while more experienced squad members deal with data visualisation and show-running responsibilities (e.g. Dr Numbers, Captain Cyber-Space). Thus, Psyched! shows aims to provide science communication experience and opportunities to early career scientists. 

Our events would not be possible without the fantastic support and hard work put in by our science student volunteers.